Looking for some help with Proxmox LXC

I’ve got an LXC running in proxmox

I pulled down a template from here: Hydra - nixos:release-23.11:nixos.proxmoxLXC.x86_64-linux

Next I created a container and started it. It has a black screen (which is ok).

I connect in via:

pct connect container_id

Then my assumption is I need to put “something” into /etc/nixos/configuration.nix

But I’m lost at that point.

How do I turn on the tty so proxmox webUI can interface with the container?

My NixOS on Proxmox LXC includes this in the configuration.nix:

{ config, modulesPath, pkgs, ... }:

  imports =
      (modulesPath + "/virtualisation/proxmox-lxc.nix")


and then in the Proxmox web UI, under “Options” I set “Console mode” to /dev/console.