Looking for somebody to take meeting notes for the Nixpkgs Architecture Team

Ever since its beginnings, meetings for the Nixpkgs Architecture Team have been recorded. I didn’t think much of this initially, but I got some feedback that some people would rather not participate if it means getting recorded. And while the recordings are nice, they’re not necessary for the team to work, so I’m thinking of stopping that. I still would like the transparency we’ve had so far, but our meeting notes (also here) have been a bit lacking so far. Partially this is due to it being hard to participate in a meeting while also take notes.

Because of that I’m looking for somebody dedicated to taking meeting notes for the weekly meetings. This involves:

  • Being available for 1 hour during the current meeting time on Mondays at 16:30 CEST (see the NixOS calendar)
  • Having some extra time available after the meeting (~15 minutes) to clean up the meeting notes, post them on discourse and commit them to the repository
  • Being able to write down the main points being said, including who said them
  • Being able to annotate the notes with relevant links
  • Knowing the Nix-specific terms being used

If disclosed and agreed-upon beforehand, you can also:

  • Use tools to help with note taking, such as transcribing software or local-only recordings
  • Delegate the note-taking to somebody else in case you can’t make it occasionally
  • Make other changes to the workflow of note taking

Honestly, it’s a plain task, and there’s not much to give in return other than a lot of thanks, because it would be a big help for the team. For now at least you can be added to the NAT team page, though I would be interested in having the NixOS Foundation sponsor somebody for this for the future.

Get in touch if you’re interested! You can either DM me on Discourse, on Matrix (@infinisil:matrix.org), join the NAT Matrix channel, join the meetings directly, or reply in this thread :slight_smile: