Looking for someone to take over juniper maintenance

Hi, I am currently the maintainer for juniper lang.

Juniper is a functional, reactive programming language for Arduino.

I packaged this for nixpkgs expecting to have time to mess with some DIY Arduino synthesizers, but then life got too busy.

In fact life got too busy that I feel like I need to simplify everything that’s nonessential right now. While this is the only nixpkgs package I maintain, having something that needs occasional maintenance every so often has been just a slight amount of stress in the back of my mind and I could do without that.

Would anyone like to take over this package? It was not terribly complicated to do but there is a new major version and it looks like things have changed a bit. There’s a lot of potential here for people to make cool things and I’d like to see it stick around in nixpkgs if possible.

If no one else wants to take it on, how do I remove myself? Submit a PR removing my name from the maintainers list?



Yes. Well, even in case some other maintainer is found.

… and if it reduces your stress any, you can even submit removal with a reference to this discussion in the PR description whenever is comfortable for you (without waiting for the outcome), and hope that someone picks it up a bit later.

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thanks for the awesome information.