Looking for web designer to redesign the Summer of Nix website summer.nixos.org

Hello Nix Community!

The Summer of Nix team is looking to contract a website designer (paid position). We’re planning to refresh the SoN website (summer.nixos.org) and a big part of this is a top-down graphical redesign. In this role, you would work with the SoN team to design the website. The individual pages you would design include:

  • a home page
  • an announcements page
  • an overview for SoN videos
  • a sponsors page
  • an overview/summary of blog entries
  • the blog entries themselves

The deliverables would be sketches of each page design (in Figma or equivalent software). If this seems up your alley, send a small blurb about why you’re interested and a CV or some prior work to summer@nixos.org titled “Designer”. Although this first step is really about the graphical design, there will certainly be some follow up work to actually implement it. If you can do this as well great but don’t worry otherwise. We’re excited to work with you!

– The Summer of Nix Team


Hey mat, I tried to send my portfolio and resume to this mail, but it’s not working.

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Hey, yes I am aware of this. Sorry and thanks for applying. I’m trying to fix it and will let you know :face_with_raised_eyebrow: .

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Hey, I just did a test and it seems to work. Maybe it was a temporary problem?

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