Low GPU usage in games

I have RTX 2060 and drivers v550 installed. When I run games however my gpu usually doesn’t recognize them as anything worth working for. In some games like “Inkbound” I get 20 fps and 9% gpu usage at all times. In some games like War thunder I get 40fps in lobby but 140-200 in the actual game. I suspect that what is happening here is that the driver somehow checks for some game specific features such as mouse-following camera or something idk and determines whether or not to put effort in rendering this app with high fps. Interestingly enough I have exactly the same fps in vscode or discord as in some games (15-30), which I believe not to be a coincidence. I tried proton-eg and experimental but with no result. Environmental variables doesn’t do much either as well as setting the priority of the game process to -20.
Every app is in fact running using my nvidia card be cause it is the only gpu I have. I’m using server cpu which has no integrated gpu, so it isn’t a problem.
Would much appreciate your help.

Which server CPU exactly?

Server CPUs usually have relatively low per-core performance which is still the most important metric for CPU-bound game performance as long as your core count is beyond what the game can usually utilise in parallel.

If it’s an older server CPU, I’d expect it to struggle quite a lot in games.

Which desktop environment is this using which windowing protocol?

I’m on X11. CPU is Intel Xeon E5 2650-V2. On windows it bottlenecks the gpu to 87% in some instances but it’s nowhere close to what I see on Nix.