Lutris icons are broken

Hello, this is my first post on Discourse :wink:

As you can see I got this, and obviously what I want is to have the icons back. I’m on nixos-unstable channel, I know the icons worked before but since some update it got broken. I would also like to know why it is happening, since it was working before, and this is only depending on lutris, right ?

Thanks in advance !

IIRC, it’s done this way on purpose. It should be inherited from your environment. Install icons for your user or system and it should remedy the issues.

Had this problem as well.

Once I opened the gnome theme settings, changed the theme to something else, logged out and in, everything worked.

Thank you, I now understand why it was working.
I’m actually on Openbox, without DE, so I have no default icon theme. I only installed the hicolor icon theme. But I don’t remember why, I also installed the adwaita icon theme (gnome). That’s why it was working, and since I removed it icons disappeared.
Now I just reinstalled it, and it’s working !

I just have another question, do I absolutely need adwaita in order to get the icons on lutris, or are there other icon themes which are more lightweight and can do the job ?

I believe you can use any icon set as long as the application resolve it. How to achieve this? I don’t know.

I have a large icon set installed (nerd icons) for my polybar setup (I also run DE-less). So it seems to work fine.