LVM thin prov binary "missing"


I’ve been playing with LVM and I’ve hit this issue:

/usr/sbin/thin_check: execvp failed: No such file or directory
WARNING: Check is skipped, please install recommended missing binary /usr/sbin/thin_check!

I do have the think_check as part of thin tools, but it seems that the lvm utilities expect to read this location from either config file or hardcoded /usr/sbin/thin_check (:sob:)
A WA seems to be to enable services.lvm.boot.thin.enable, which although I don’t require booting from lvm, seems to patch those locations in the lvm config file:

❯ cat /etc/lvm/lvm.conf ─╯
global/thin_check_executable = /nix/store/jk3yfahxvzcbr17fahqgmxjznqf7lyqr-thin-provisioning-tools-0.9.0/bin/thin_check
global/thin_dump_executable = /nix/store/jk3yfahxvzcbr17fahqgmxjznqf7lyqr-thin-provisioning-tools-0.9.0/bin/thin_dump
global/thin_repair_executable = /nix/store/jk3yfahxvzcbr17fahqgmxjznqf7lyqr-thin-provisioning-tools-0.9.0/bin/thin_repair
global/cache_check_executable = /nix/store/jk3yfahxvzcbr17fahqgmxjznqf7lyqr-thin-provisioning-tools-0.9.0/bin/cache_check
global/cache_dump_executable = /nix/store/jk3yfahxvzcbr17fahqgmxjznqf7lyqr-thin-provisioning-tools-0.9.0/bin/cache_dump
global/cache_repair_executable = /nix/store/jk3yfahxvzcbr17fahqgmxjznqf7lyqr-thin-provisioning-tools-0.9.0/bin/cache_repair
config {}%

Would enabling services.lvm.boot.thin.enable have adverse side effects? I hope not but I haven’t booted yet :slight_smile:
Conversely, should there be another way to enable this, or is this intentional?

Thank you!