macOS development environment on a Linux host

How do I set up a development environment for macOS packaging on NixOS?

It would be very useful when developing / packaging projects for macOS.

I’m not sure what you mean?

Do you want to erase osx and install nixos…

good choice…this is possible.

I assume they mean developing for macOS from Linux (IDK if NixOS or other). I haven’t done this, but imagine it takes a VM, or a remote builder?

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That’s what I mean. To be precise, I want to build and test packages for Mac on NixOS.

I saw a project called Docker-OSX that sets up a QEMU machine for macOS inside docker. However, there seemed to be some FHS assumption to the host system and it didn’t start successfully on NixOS.

Maybe give a try. There are some instructions at OSX-KVM - NixOS Wiki (I haven’t tried it yet).

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Iirc @sandro did this at some point

Yeah, I did that and still have the disk around. I couldn’t get the nix-daemon to reliable work and start on reboot. Most likely something with launchctl which has a very poor UX.

That part might’ve been fixed in the interim. I think there’s been a tweak or two to disk ownership spurred by some reports of trouble on EC2.