Maintainers: Drop samueldr #321436

I guess it’s better shown through my actions.

What would it take for me to come back?

The answer is relatively simple. Have the moderation team actually empowered to act, without having to dance on the eggshell broken by the continued FUD of people allowed to sow division in the community.

And go back to the people banned, and RFC 175 supporters, and (1) warn the supporters (2) ban the people directly involved with this farcical clown that is harassment in disguise.

Then I’ll consider it. Though the organization itself also requires a tooling. I initially wanted to wait until the Assembly was done, but I guess it doesn’t matter anymore.

I’d need to think it out thoroughly.

All of y’all of that posse, no need for empty apologies and empty goodbye messages. I don’t want to see any of you responding here. It would be disrespectful.

What about your projects?


Anything of the smaller scripts I deleted, I don’t want to see re-used.

Mobile NixOS I frankly don’t know. I’m literally unable to cope with the thought. It hurts. It’s killing me [figuratively]. I would like it to be demoted out of the NixOS project, back into a personal project, since in reality it never really has taken off. Though at this point, I’m not sure if anyone can say or make a decision. Now split out at GitHub - mobile-nixos/mobile-nixos: 📱 (rebooting... please wait...)

Jovian NixOS, thankfully, was kept out of the NixOS and community umbrella. It’s easier to let it just continue like it is. It’s going well.

Tow-Boot is and always has been a downstream user of NixOS technologies. It should also be trivial to switch to anything that can eval Nix and provide a sensible package set.

Other stuff? Ask me. I might not remember I did a thing.

How do I get in touch with you?

Like always. I’m just leaving as a maintainer and notable member of the project due to this untenable situation.

(Go to and get to the contact page if you need more hints…)

What will you do?


Some of what I was planning, and had as WIP implementations, I guess will wait for whatever is the next OS I’m going to use and help with. Once I’ve built up a new foundation of trust.

Otherwise I’ll post about the stuff I do, just like I do usually.
Not often enough, and forgetting to do so.

Though since this changes my overall focus in what I want to do quite drastically, I guess I’ll use this “opportunity”[sic] to say that I’m starting to look for work, ideally around the platform firmware, and developer experience, owning the stack up to and including the operating system too is fine. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Where do I sign?

This is not an open letter. Write your own. Quit on your own.

EDIT 1: Someone reached out to me and was legit confused about the context. I guess it’s easy to miss a day of events. If you’re confused and feel like you’re missing something, read the PR body; it is its own text that I didn’t repeat here.


Thank you for your hard work. You’ll be missed but I suspect we may cross paths building something worthwhile. Now, it is time for me to draft a similar message because I don’t trust change is likely.


Thanks for your massive contributions to the community and to Nix. Hopefully we’ll meet again at a better time. Hoping you find peace.


Sad to see you leave, I don’t want to focus too much on the drama surrounding this entire situation since it’s a mess. You’re genuinely a great individual and contributor to have around. I hope whatever you end up doing is just as good.

Mobile NixOS is an intriguing project and I definitely do not want to see it die. I know the repo has stalled a bit but I am willing to work on it more as it essentially serves as the backend for my own Nix based OS.


The good news is it can’t “die” any more than it is inactive today.

Otherwise, I don’t know. The project now feels to depersonalized for me to just start breaking stuff, but also it’s kinda needed.

And then there’s the whole yak shaving exercise needed to get to a place I want it to be to continue improving it. Like literally changing huge parts and doing them anew with… nothing that exists today… because the foundations ended-up being not working as well as I’d hoped.

It’s complicated. My feelings are extremely complicated toward this important-to-me project.


That is unfortunate to hear, I’ve forked Mobile NixOS to GitHub - MidstallSoftware/mobile-nixos with the hopes of being able to somewhat continue development.


Thanks for all your work, not only the technical part but also all the values you defend, very saddened that after seeing you reiterate many times and fight from within, it did not lead to results.

Just wanted to show my support, you’re a genuine (and creatively funny) person from whom I learned a lot. Big loss to the community.

I will be following your doings :slight_smile:


Oh man, so sorry to see this :frowning:


Thank you Samuel for all the things you did, it was truly a pleasure working with you.
May I ask what’s next in your journey? Are you thinking about joining a fork perhaps?


Thank you Samuel for your efforts to both improve Nix and protest against what is harming the project. I hope your resignation can serve as a demonstration to the Constitutional Assembly that 1.) temporising the crisis has a real cost and 2.) they are already deciding who they do and don’t want involved in the project.


While you’re free to fork whatever at any point… I feel it’s a bit tone deaf to make it and announce it in reaction to my departure as a Nixpkgs maintainer, while in the same announcement I directly say its future still needs to be figured out, since the situation is complex. :confused:


Sorry, it was not my intention to be tone deaf.

Yeah, I’m just worried the repo will be deleted or archived. As impressive as the work you and the other contributors have done to it, I don’t want your departure to halt development.


I mean, there is Aux :stuck_out_tongue:

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There is Guix too! :grin:


All those parentheses, though!