Make ffmpeg-full the system ffmpeg version

I’m running on unstable version of nixpkgs.

I feel like this should not be too difficult, but I’m stuck. I specifically want webp support in system-wide ffmpeg, which is not enabled in the default ffmpeg (the “small” variant). e.g. I want to be able to run ffmpeg -i img.png out.webp in my terminal. After putting ffmpeg-full in my system packages however, it still seems to be using a non-full version. If I run the above command it fails and prints the configuration string where i can clearly see --disable-libwebp

I also tried overriding the ffmpeg package and setting the flag ffmpegVariable = “full”. When i did nixos-rebuild after that I could see the full version of ffmpeg building, but it still doesn’t seem to have become the system-wide ffmpeg. In fairness, I may have overridden wrong…