Making Godot4 aware of Blender

I’m currently using Godot to create a dataset to train my model on. I’m having troubles getting Godot aware of blender so that I can import gltf files/3d-objects. Specifically I have tried to set the blender-path in the editor settings of Godot to the folder pointed to by /nix/store/[...]-blender-4.0.1/bin/, which is also the prefix to the file pointed to by blender in my configs system packages, which is installed.

This gives the error “Blend file import is enabled, but the Blender path doesn’t point to an accessible directory. Blend files will not be imported.”. In Godot’s source makes it seem like this is because Godot thinks the folder doesn’t exists. Has anyone gotten around this? I’m on 23.11

For everyone still interested. I didn’t try to import anything but the message was gone after i used /nix/store/[...]-user-environment/bin/ for the path. I found the path with whereis blender and removed the blender at the end so that the path points to /bin/.
Wish you all a nice day.

After some searching i found the path
/run/current-system/etc/profiles/per-user/<user>/bin/ (I have installed Blender in my user profile) I think this path could be more stable. The System pkgs path would be /run/current-system/sw/bin/