Manually install icon pack


Is there a easy way to install a icon pack of choose? Been trying to get the yara icon pack installed as the last thing before being completely setup with nixos.

I simply can’t figure it out.
Any help would be perfect, fonts, themes nonfree software and so went smoothly, but can’t get the icons as wished for.

Note I’ve been on nix only for a short while do my understanding is just so.


It’s generally not a good idea to install this sort of stuff manually, instead you should work within Nix by creating a module for your icon pack. Essentially, you can largely copy-paste your way through it by basing your work on one of the already packaged packs in nixpkgs/pkgs/data/icons at master · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub.

Just copy one of those subdirectories into /etc/nixos/, rename it to yara-icon-theme or so, tweak the default.nix within that directory to suit your pack and add a (nixpkgs.callPackage ./yara-icon-theme { }) into your environment.systemPackages. Then you should be able to select it in your DE of choice.

Note that I haven’t actually tested it, so feel free to ask questions if you get stuck!