Marketing Team Meeting Minutes #1

We had our first meeting of the Marketing team which you can watch in full here, but for those who don’t have time and are just interested in quick overview here is what we discussed:

  • After introducing our self we started with basics of how this team will function.
  • Garbas shared a “vision” to start the conversations. It consists of 3 parts:
    • short term plan: what we can do quickly in next few months that brings most benefits. we’re looking into changing/updating some content/structure to reduce confusion.
    • bigger website redesign: in next months we should discuss what the goals are and find a process how to implement it. we started discussing it but soon realized this probably needs more time so we postponed it for next time.
    • long term plan: we tried to discuss and maybe answer how to get nix into mainstream. this is something like a five year look into the future and how we would like to position our self. nothing was really expected to come out from this discussion, but we need to start having it at least in our heads.
  • in general we exchanged the feeling of the current state, to summarize it: “current website betrays the project”. and point to the areas which we feel we should do better at communicating.
  • that discussion lead us to the questions which we postponed for next time: “What should be our central message?”
  • we generally bounces few ideas that were on our head that we though might improve the on-boarding
  • one topic that we discussed was tracking/analytics on the website. premise for this is, that we don’t want to track people, but we need a way to know that decisions we make are working. for now we decided for following criteria:
    • try to avoid GDPR popups
    • if we do some sort of analytics we should at least host it our self
    • this topic will be discussed further, especially in the area what do we want to track
    • and as this writing all of the decisions regarding this will be made with knowledge of public.
  • merchandise on the website to raise some funds to cover the expenses either for redesign / external services or just generally going into nixos foundation fund.
  • we would like to get a netlify open source plan, but not having a CoC is a blocker. Whoever is looking into having a CoC (or not) this is a thing we would actually require. We will pass this message on to the group who is discussing this.
  • Next meeting is on April 1st, no joke :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s it. Forgive me for my typos, and until next time.

If you feel like you could contribute to the discussion, please read the announcement post how to do that and we are waiting for the email.