Marketing Team Meeting Minutes #10

Another two week and another marketing meeting, recording can be found on the youtube. This week we discussed two topics:

  • Redesign of
    As already mentioned in previous meeting few of us are working with a designer in a short 2/3 iterations. At the meeting the new design was presented and all the variations of it. We are still missing design for few pages but that should be done in a matter of days, but you can get the idea the direction we are taking (design is shown in the recording of the meeting).
    Implementation (HTML and CSS part) is already on the way and once there is something to be previewed we will be loud about it and ask for feedback and help to test it.

  • Rework of Features page or Why Nix page
    With the rework of the features page we would like to cater more to a “busy developer”. Instead of talking about features we are trying to talk about the benefits of Nix.
    What we looked at was an early draft, please keep this in mind. In the document there were some examples that go into the direction that we definitely don’t want to go (eg. using empty words like “the sky is the limit”…). Some examples were good or and some less so. Until next time we will brainstorm on them and see if we can improve on them.

I’m extremely happy about the progress we are making. As said many times we are not looking to make a perfect website, we only want to make it better and then improve on that in months / years to come.


Is it possible to participate in these meetings?

@samuela I’m sorry to reply so late, but I haven’t see your reply until. There are instructions how to join nixos marketing team (

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