Marketing Team Meeting Minutes #11

The vacation period is almost over, but the team gathered to discuss. You can watch the whole meeting here (~35min). Here is what we discussed:

  • ANN: is now the default search on
    • Please report bugs in the issue tracker:
    • The search was only developed to the point where it can replace existing packages/options search.
    • Until next time we (garbas’s task) should share what is the roadmap for this tool, what features we are thinking about and what is coming next
    • As always help is more then welcome
  • redesign
    • We talked where we are with the redesign and how the timeline looks like.
    • We looked at where we are with implementation (presented by @samueldr) and how to push current work out for others to help out samueldr
    • We decided to gradually transition to new design (page by page) and not wait for one big PR.
  • Looking at 20.09 marketing roadmap
    • as new release is coming we looked back where we are with plans that we set along the way
    • Most of the items on the roadmap will be closed by the end of the September and few (3) will “spill” over to 21.03 roadmap

I’m really excited about the new redesign :slight_smile: and how is all coming together.


I was wondering if we should apply this re-design on the page.
I also commented on the re-design PR about some UI comments here

Don’t hesitate if you need help with that.
Thanks a lot,

I’ll see about applying the re-design outright. It might take cues from it, colours, identity, but might not be the same underlying implementation.

Though, since I made the whole site, it’s already built quite similar, so even putting it outright might be doable.

The main thing I want, for the time being, is for the project to still have some identity brand-wise. I was thinking the main way to achieve this is to implement it using the dark variant of the header, possibly using the “third” blue I conjured for that site, instead of the deeper blue from the new design.

Anyway, I’m all up in the implementation detail, when the answer is: in due time it’ll join it in part, if not fully.