Marketing Team Meeting Minutes #15

We skipped last meeting and marketing meeting just happened. This time we recorded it.

This we discussed:

  • We looked at the recent redesign work on Donate, Governance, Community, Learn and Download page. We recognized that in this release cycle we will spend a lot of time improving the Learn page and content. We shortly talked how could we changed the documentation, from the view of marketing team (what documentation will help beginners the most).
  • We looked at the work in progress of Features page redesign. Content is still missing but design is already in place.
  • We also discussed how to change the description on the front page (currently two columns, separately writing about NixOS). Please check the meeting video for our proposal and discussion we had around it (just pasting it here would do the disservice to it). We would welcome alternative suggestion in the comments.

Want to improve documentation?

Marketing team would like to open an invitation to everybody that would like to improve documentation (write content - tutorials, language examples) and doesn’t care about the rest of the marketing activities to still join marketing team and start working on improving documentation together. I hope that at the end of the current release cycle there will be a Documentation team formed. Please write the email to

Thank you for reading and until next time (in 2 weeks).