Marketing Team Meeting Minutes #16

After some break Marketing team is back with report on what we have been up to and plans what we want to work on in our 21.03 Roadmap. Here is what we discussed:

  • @tomberek joined the marketing team. Welcome!
  • We would like to recognize the efforts @turboMaCk is putting lately in Thank you.
  • @domenkozar wrote NixOS+Terraform guide and this was now also synced with You can check it out here:
  • Donate page received the originally planned graphics for the merch section of the website. I find the octopus irresistibly cute:
  • Landing page description was changed. This is the text that is displayed under “Reproducible builds and deployments” title. Can the text be improved, of course. And we hope some of you can help us with suggestions.
  • Work on features page was finally merged. The page was renamed to Explore and instead of talking about features of Nix/NixOS we talk about benefits of Nix/NixOS. As always there is room to improve, but it is a good starting point.
  • As we converted Features/Explore page into less technical page we need to add it somewhere. We plan to write a longer - a lot more - technical page with a title “How Nix works?”. We already added the link to the Learn page (at the top) and initial content is just the content of old Features page. Next step is to rewrite it. Maybe you can help?
  • And last we reviewed what was done in 20.09 Roadmap and discuss shortly what we want to work in 21.03 Roadmap.

Recording of the meeting can be found here. We really appreciate any feedback we get, so please leave it in comments bellow. Even better send us a pull request.

See you in 2 week!

Just in case you didn’t know NixCon 2020 happened. If you have missed it, no worries the awesome NixCon team recorded everything.

NixCon - Day 1

NixCon - Day 2

Love how exciting the new “Explore” page is. Gets me thinking: I need to try this! (Regardless of already running NixOS on all my machines. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)