Marketing Team Meeting Minutes #4

This week we had another marketing meeting in hope to make Nix/NixOS better presented. Here is what we were talking about:

Above is the short summary. I invite you to listen to the discussion to get the full picture.

Also for anybody that does not have the time to join the team, but want to contribute and share their views. Please share your ideas in the comments, we do read them and value the effort you’re putting in.

Thank you.


Thank you for your work on this!


I really appreciate this redesign of the homepage and I think the examples hit all of the high points that I try to share with new users. Thank you! Where could we provide feedback on the examples? Or suggest examples?


@costrouc Thank you! All website code is being here GitHub - NixOS/nixos-homepage: Sources for and the process is as with all other projects, review PRs, open issues.

Nothing is set in stone on the website, if somebody suggests a better example we’ll make sure it gets discussed and merged. We tried to work in small iterations and move forward step by step.

Once we have something better then before we merge it, there is only so much discussion that is possible to have and still get something done :stuck_out_tongue:.

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