Marketing Team Meeting Minutes #7

Two weeks passed and we had another meetings. At this point we are more focused working on You can watch full discussion here:

  • Announcements:
    • First two tutorials from (for now) manually showed also on
    • Landing page changed and quite few issues were resolved. In general we got a good response and majority understands that this is not the end result, but I first step in that direction.
    • got a lot of issues fixed and we are very close. Currently missing feature is providing suggestions as you type.
  • Having a roadmap (which we discussed previous time) now served nicely to discuss what are we working on and what is coming next.
  • We a quick round of what we are planning to work until next time:
    • @samueldr -> reviewing
    • @edolstra -> changes to the nix release process so that we don’t have to bump anything on nixos-homepage repository.
    • @edibopp -> automate<-> integration of tutorials. working on more tutorials, contributing to
    • @davidak -> community survey
    • @garbas -> how should we talk about Nix, announce that we are looking for better examples, how can we help release manager, start talking about redesign process.

That was it, if anybody want to help us out we would really appreciate your support. We currated some easy to work on issues for


@garbas I got your DM, I’d be happy to attend the next Marketing Team meeting where my or everyone else’s schedule makes it simple.
(with NixOS 20.09 Release Manager 🥳, maybe)
All sounds exciting, you’re all doing fabulous :sparkles:

Btw, my pronoun’s