Marketing Team Meeting Minutes #8 and #9

This is a long overdue report from the marketing team meetings. Recordings for meeting #8 can be found here, but unfortunately meeting #9 was not recorded due to problems with This is an overview of both meetings:

  • ANN: is now ready to replace existing search
  • Community survey is being prepared by @davidak
  • redesign
    • we discussed in detail what the goals of a redesign are. in short: (a) we want to look professional (not corporate). (b) we are not looking for a perfect design but a better design. © optimize design to cater Nix’s main use cases.
    • we discussed the process: in short: foundation will provide ~1000EUR for the designer, interested members of marketing team will have reviews in short - 2 day - iterations cycles with the designer .
    • the design will be reviewed at the next meeting. after that we will announce it and upload design documents to nixos-artwork repository
    • implementation will start shortly after that.
    • hope is to have new design for by the end of the August.

That is it, I know I was quite short with the overview, but if you have any questions please ask us here and we will be more then happy to explain.

Thank you, @garbas


Regarding the survey, I much too often see surveys that don’t allow satisfactory answers for everybody. And the two questions shown already do this:

  • What linux distro have you used before NixOS? (Choose one of the following answers)

I personally haven’t used any Linux distros, and I can also imagine other people who used multiple Linux distros before.

  • Would you like to tell us your gender? (female/male/no answer)

Imo this should really include a fourth option “other”, because otherwise people who are neither female nor male but still want to tell you their gender can’t.

I really hope the survey is reviewed for these kinds of problems before being done. I’d help with that if needed.


@Infinisil Questions need a lot more work, that is a fact. Rather then questions I would like us to talk what do we want to achieve with survey and only after that try to come up with questions. Would you be willing to help @davidak with the survey?

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