Meaning of ${self} in flake changes when used as an input

I have a local git repo with flakes at ./a/b and ./c, both with a single package output.

The flake at ./c uses the other as an input with url "../a/b".

./a/b, as part of its build, copies a file from its directory to the unpacked source directory.

When running nix build on ./a/b the script command needs to be
cp ${self}/a/b/filename target

But when running nix build on ./c, the script fails unless it’s changed to
cp ${self}/filename target

Is this a bug of some sort?

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self is the flake itself. When used in an interpolation, it should be replaced by the root path of the flake in the store.

I do not really understand your folder structure and therefore will not comment on the remainder of the question.

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So after playing around a bit, I’m still confused… :joy:

What definitely works without altering the flake at ./a/b is using the following url in ./c/flake.nix:


However, as soon as I try to get rid of the absolute path, I have problems:

both fail due to file: only accepting absolute paths (“has unexpected authority ‘…’”).

fails because path apparently doesn’t like the dir paramter (“has unsupported parameter ‘dir’”)

is highly confusing. The nix manual suggests this should be the right one to use (" If the directory is part of a Git repository, then the input will be treated as a git+file: URL"), but the dir parameter appears to be silently ignored, i.e. the flake in the root folder of the git repo is being used.

I’m gonna try to put together a minimal example of the issue.

[edit] Meanwhile based on this discussion I tried git+file:..?dir=a/b but got "could not find HEAD ref from repo at ‘file:…’ using ‘master’.

So it turns out git+file:.?dir=a/b (note the single dot) works, regardless of where the calling flake is inside the repo.

I still need to make a minimal example, because I think the behaviour of git+file:..?dir=x (with two dots) is incorrect.