Meeting Minutes: 2020-10-23, Future of and by RFC79

2020-10-23, Future of and by RFC79

Attendees Role
dasJ RFC author
matthiasbeyer RFC co-author
@kevincox author Draft Merge Queue RFCs
@7c6f434c project memory
@lschuermann participant
@blaggacao moderator


copying over from this comment

  • With the current workflow simply requiring PRs for all changes will create unsustainable maintainer burden.
  • The security benefit of having multiple approvers is desirable however would cause a substantial human cost that nixpkgs can’t afford right now.
    • We should consider approaches to make reviews easier for the maintainers, in the hopes that it will allow us to pay this cost in the future.
    • We could consider an auto-merge bot that can merge with rules such as the following:
      • 2 approvers in the maintainers team allows merging.
      • Approval from maintainers of all affected packages allows merging. (Including self-merge!)
      • Approval from the maintainer of the root affect package and min(count(maintainers(afected packages), log(affected packages)) additional approvals.
    • Better pre-merge testing can free some time that maintainers currently spend debugging hydra failures.

  • Last but not least, it motivated me to push for the conformation of SIG Workflow automation

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