Meeting Minutes: 2020-10-27, Empower the Ecosystem

2020-10-27, Empower the Ecosystem

Attendees Role
@blaggacao Mentee (RFC74)
@zimbatm Mentor


  • RFC74 comes from an interesting perspective worth exploring, but might be too broad in it’s current form
  • The bare essence of this RFC is the quest to improve structures on a middle layer of community coordination somewhere between classical discourse discussions and the formal RFC process
  • As a conclusion, Special Interests Group (SIG) Category was inaugurated.
  • Also the possibility to provide a bors setup for NixOS/nixpkgs was discussed and further coordination will be conducted
  • I self-tasked myself to “structure” the SIG Workflow automation — which I just completed (first iteration)

In general, we felt that people willing to push ideas at the benefit of the ecosystem might consider getting organized in a SIG, as well.