MIDI on pipewire/wireplumber/reaper

I just bought a MIDI keyboard, and it’s not showing up in my DAW. It’s an oxygen pro mini, and I’ve seen posts that it works out of the box on other distros.

I’ve tried:


which showed the keyboard

wpctl status 

which didn’t show the keyboard

a2jmidid -e

honestly I’m not sure what it does but it got the inputs to show even if they don’t work

I think there’s a config option in wireplumber that would solve it.


as seen here. the problem is I can’t seem to understand how their configuration system works, since they’re currently refactoring it.

Requirements: wireplumber >= 0.5.0 (currently on unstable channel)

Create configuration file at

~/.config/wireplumber/wireplumber.conf.d/<any file name>.conf

In the conf file, set

node.features.audio.control-port: true

Reload/restart wireplumber (or computer, that’s easiest)

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