Migrating from `nix-shell` to `nix run`

I started using flakes and now I wanted to try using nix run instead of nix-shell. The help for nix run says that I can access legacy packages from a flake (and not only the apps). They give the example of nix run nixpkgs#vim which works. Now I am trying to run a package that is nested in a attrset:

nix-shell -p gnome.pomodoro --run gnome-pomodoro

How do I translate this to nix run? The help suggests that it is not possible because for legacy packages the executable will be selected bases on the derivation name. And in this case they differ.

The help is right. For now, a workaround is nix shell nixpkgs#gnome.pomodoro and then a manual gnome-pomodoro.

Thank you I had overlooked nix shell (I was under the impression that nix run was the only equivalent to nix-shell). Now nix shell even has a -c option to specify the command to run: Solved!