Migrating from Plasma5 to Plasma6

I’ve updated from Plasma5 to Plasma6. However, I have quite a complex configuration with several elements I have specified in the “plasma5 space” such as:


Is there a guide to what new elements I should specify, and what old elements are no longer needed? Or can I safely just get rid of all qt5 configuration elements.

Anything to watch out for in general?

All KDE 6 packages are available in the new pkgs.kdePackages scope, make sure you change all KDE apps in your configuration.

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fwiw when I was trying to fix this I switched to unstable, which still didn’t change it, then ran nix-collect-garbage -d based on this post from 2018 and it fixed it. But I don’t know why.

know what you’re doing before you run that garbage collection, because it’ll kill off your old nixOS generations.

Hopefully there’s a less destructive version?

Changing everything under the pkgs.kdePackages scope worked for me, you just have to remember some apps are not obvious as KDE apps. I still have breeze theme issues with sddm but that is very low down on the priority list at the moment.

As for you can use options such as --delete-older-than to keep more recent versions.