Mind-blowing NixOS or use cases


I’m thinking about giving a short presentation introducing NixOS to my colleagues (software and hardware engineers, data scientists, devops, …). I’ve only used NixOS for a very short time now. It’s not going to go into much depth because of time constraints, but I’d like to them walk out intrigued.

For that, it would be fun to hear of what has blown your mind about Nix(OS)? what did it enable that you never thought could be done or done easily?

The “building docker image” introduction in the homepage is a good one


I also liked this short introduction from this website: Learn Nix the Fun Way | Farid Zakaria’s Blog

Thanks to @fzakaria for this ^^


Feel free to crib from my linked Google slides on that post.
(Please attribute to me if so :pray:)

Impermanence mode as described here is pretty nuts Erase your darlings: immutable infrastructure for mutable systems - Graham Christensen

also nixos integration tests Unveiling the Power of the NixOS Integration Test Driver (Part 1)


I wrote a blog post that talks about how we use Nix at Supabase, and some of the really great features Nix is giving us Packaging Supabase with Nix

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I’m using NixOS as the main OS for the control system of a particle accelerator, and plan to use the package manager to cache the operating systems in their entirety, including build dependencies. This is done in order to still be able to manage them, or rebuild/reinstall them 30 years later: FOSDEM 2024 - Preparing a 30 year-long project with Nix and NixOS