Minimal nextcloud/tailscale


Starting with, I’m trying to get a nextcloud instance running accessible only through tailscale or on my lan but not publicly, so I removed the letsencrypt stuff. My repo is at GitHub - montyz/nixes and nextcloud.nix specifically is what I’m having trouble with. It seems like I can get a response through tailscale but nextcloud error message is about trusted domains not being set. If I uncomment the line about that, though, then I get connection refused:

        # enabling the following line changes the response from an error about trusted domains to connection_refused
        #extraTrustedDomains = [ "nix0" "" ];

It’s inconsistent somehow, too. It was working, I uncommented that line and it gave the connection refused, I recommented that line and ran the sudo nixos-rebuild switch --flake .#nix0 command and it still had connection refused. I’m confused but wondering if I have anything obviously wrong in my config. Ideally I can get this working with the tailscale https functionality so it can handle the cert. I have that configured on the tailscale side and got the cert, still struggling with nextcloud itself.

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I know this reply is over a month late, but I was able to successfully configure Nextcloud plus Tailscale with custom DNS.

The key is to use Caddy as a reverse proxy, and Caddy has a plugin aka module that works with Cloudflare DNS.

You can see a working config here, look at the host named sovserv: GitHub - jordan-bravo/.nix: My Nix Configs