Missing Go 1.17 on x86_64-darwin

I just updated my pinned Nixpkgs, hoping to update Go version from 1.16 to 1.17, but it turns out that it’s not supported on x86_64-darwin.

I’ve found this commit from @zowoq disabling the support: https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/commit/9675a865c9c3eeec36c06361f7215e109925654c

I’m too unfamiliar with Nix internals to understand the reason for disabling the support only on x86_64.

My question is, will this ever be fixed? Is there some issue that I can track to understand the problem better, and follow up with the progress?

(I think)

Here’s where this is today:

Golang 1.17 support was removed & backported. The reason it was marked a bad platform for go_1_17 was because golang pulled support for 10.12 which was EOL’d a few years ago. This comment on golang releases outlines the current deprecation schedule:
build: announce end of support for old macOS releases · Issue #23011 · golang/go · GitHub

And here’s where it was marked a bad platform, citing that "aarch64-darwin is 11.0.0 but x86_64-darwin is 10.12 ." Referring to the version of Apple SDK that stdenv in nix is built against-- more details in this thread), but it turns out stdenv isn’t required at all so go 1.17 was re-enabled a month later. So now golang 1.17 works in stable releases 21.11 and later.

Curious about whether we can backport it to 21.05 with only 10.13 and later as target platforms.