Missing man pages


I can’t seem to install the manpages related to pthread_cond_* (example) on NixOS 19.09. I have manpages and posix_man_pages listed in my environment.systemPackages, and have the options documentation = { dev.enable = true; doc.enable = true; }; all set in my configuration.nix. I also tried updating mandb manually to no avail. Any ideas on how I can install these man pages?


I have the same problem and can seem to get gcc man pages in my environment. Any hints are appreciated.

Do you have all these set to true?


Is the page missing both when you run man as a user and as root? What does manpath command print?

The documentation options are all set to true. I’m trying this as normal user. I also get the expected behavior for other tools, e.g.:

% nix-shell -p pv
% manpath 
% man pv
[ works ]

GCC or clang both don’t work:

% nix-shell -p gcc clang
% manpath 

% man gcc
No manual entry for gcc

% man clang
No manual entry for clang

I think the issue with gcc is that the man page is in separate output which nix-shell does not add to the environment. pv seems to have only single output that also includes the man page.

The clang man page is in the clang-manpages package, no idea why. Passing it to nix-shell -p does not add it to the environment though, also no idea why.

You can make these pages accessible by putting gcc or clang-manpages in your environment.systemPackages or installing them with nix-env which installs all outputs:

By default all outputs are installed for each derivation. That can be reduced by setting meta.outputsToInstall.