Missing some cursor icons

My cursor is a X in some contexts where it shouldn’t be. For example, in chromium and slack, hovering over an image that can be zoomed turns the cursor into an X rather than the magnifying glass icon.

A couple details that may be relevant:

  • my default (root) cursor appears to be the left pointer, not the X.
  • running NixOS
  • display manager: lightdm
  • window manager: XMonad
  • no desktop environment

The screenshot below shows an example (the big X in the middle is my cursor). Does anyone know what I can do to fix this? Preferably system-wide in my nixos config.


This fixed it:

I am experiencing the same issue but your solution has not helped me.

I am using Nixos 21.05 and bspwm as window manager. Now I have added these lines in my configuration.nix in the home-manager section:

    xsession.pointerCursor = {
        package = pkgs.gnome.adwaita-icon-theme;
        name = "Adwaita";
        size = 38;

Now the gtk2.0, gtk3.0/settings.ini and .Xresources files in my home are correctly filled with the cursor theme name and size. And indeed I can see in some applications that the Adwaita cursors are correctly shown (like Firefox). However, there are other applications where I still see the “x” cursor (like when the mouse is over the bspwm desktop). In other applications (e.g.: the XFCE mousepad editor) I can see the “x” instead of the classic default cursor but the text cursor is instead correctly taken from the adwaita theme.

Do you know what could be issue?

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I managed to solve it myself. I found the solution in the archlinux wiki ( Cursor themes - ArchWiki ). If bspwm is used, the command $ xsetroot -cursor_name left_ptr must be given in order to get a coherent cursor theme all over. I have added that command in my bspwmrc.