Modernizing `styx`

I decided to modernize styx, a nix-based static site generator.

In order to procure effective commit access, all of styx had to be migrated under the divnix github organization, first.

Eric was kind enough to provide me with maintainership, so off we go.

Two intermediate restructuring releases in preparation of a due flakification:

And if you want to peak at flakification / stdization:

I’ll keep you posted here on progress…

cc @siraben


If someone’s capable of porting the mdbook theme to styx, such coordinated help would be much appreciated.

I think it could be a boon for adoption to mimik the look and feel that people have become widely accustomed to.

Please drop me a DM, if interested.

I tried it recently, the tutorial didn’t match the current styx version and syntax :slight_smile: this is something you may want to fix

Oh, cool. Please let me know of any inconsistencies and/or hurdles.

Maybe it was already recently fixed?

As a heads-up, I plan to move the themes in-tree. Since that should be a lot simpler to maintain rather than sustaining the current bespoke multi-repo instrumentation.

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