Modprobe@pstore.service: Failed with result 'start-limit-hit' after update to 21.05


after the update to nixos 21.05 there are problems with the mount-pstore.service on one system. The dependent service modprobe@pstore is started too often while the system is booting.

modprobe@pstore.service: Failed with result 'start-limit-hit'.
Failed to start Load Kernel Module pstore.
Dependency failed for mount-pstore.service.

Another system with the same release does not have these kind of problems.

It looks that modprobe@pstore.service is started several times. If I add the following to the config it works:"modprobe@".serviceConfig.StartLimitBurst = 10;

If modrobe@pstore is restarted later it also works.

So the question is why the service is started several times? What can be done to find out whats wrong?

Interesting. I haven’t seen this when we moved to 21.05 right away but I encountered a physical machine today with exactly this error. I’m trying your workaround for now.

For me this causes systemd to switch to the emergency mode because it doesn’t find any disks (by-label) but when I inspect the system all the disks are finally there. I can also see that the module is being loaded by default and then systemd tries to load it over and over again until it gives up … o_O

The StartLimitBurst did not work for me during boot … :confused:

I think I fixed it and discovered two things:

a) updating to the latest nixos 21.05 (5.10.70 kernel) did not complain any longer.

b) However, it appears that this might have been a red herring because we accidentally added a “systemctl start xyz” for a service based on udev rules and this caused the initial dependencies to become circular and go haywire. It looks like the emergency shell somehow broke that spell, though.