Most minimal way to enable sway?

Hey, what would be the most minimal way to get Sway installed on my system? It should automatically be started on system boot, and I would like to configure it via home-manager. I would prefer to have the out of the box experience, but being able to configure it easily all the time is nice.

I guess I need some combination of enabling it for the system and home-manager so it actually starts on boot?

Thank you in advance!

You could set up a systemd service to run sway as root, but that is probably not what you want, so i would recommend using a displayManager to autologin and start sway.
If you are fine with having to log in with a TTY prompt first, you could also just use that and start sway with exec sway from there. This would be the most minimal where you only need to install sway.
For everything you can find the appropriate NixOS options in the nixos option search and the home-manager configuration option list you could also try this external nix search tool

tldr look at these nixos options: