Mounting disk to multiple users

I’m sorry if this is a dum question, but I was unable to find information on how could I bind my disk to multiple users. I can edit my hardware-config to mound my hard drive to a user dir. or to a root dir. but I didnt understand how could I bind the hard drive to multiple places at the same time without them being able to see contents of the other dir. So basically I want to have multiple folders on a disk and share each folder with every user on my system, is there a simple way to do that?

You can list the disk multiple times in your fstab file, one for each mountpoint, and add the X-mount.subdir=<subdirectory> mount option.

You could also use btrfs which has kernel support for this in the form of subvolumes and the subvol= option.

Would that require me to assign a subvol to each user by hand? Because preferably I would like it to assign a drive to each user automatically.