Move `python37Packages.docutils` fix to master

python37Packages.docutils is broken on macOS. This was fixed a couple of weeks ago, but the fix is still in the staging branch. I need several other packages (matplotlib for example) that depends on docutils, so I can’t upgrade to Python-3.7 for the moment.

Is it possible to move this fix to the master branch?

This PR should bring it into master:

Though there might be a case for cherry-picking just that commit, depending on how long staging-next is going to take. It is very annoying.

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We brought a similar fix to master in Merge pull request #51311 from FRidh/docutils · NixOS/nixpkgs@0e6e8c1 · GitHub

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I can’t see this fix in channels/nixpkgs-unstable though. The last commit in that branch was on Nov 25.

The channel hasn’t updated despite all tests passing.