Moving from Ansible to NixOS: Side-by-side snippets

Hi all,

First time posting here. I recently migrated from Ansible-managed Debian to NixOS.

I wrote down how some common Ansible Roles can be translated to NixOS configurations.

I felt that it might help Ansible users explore another option, as well as help those who “just wanna get it done”, so I wanted to share the link here:

I hope that’s not too spammy and meets the bar of quality here. Thank you.


That is a nice article. However I still do like using Ansible myself for managing servers, even though I use NixOS on my own machines.

Ansible can also be combined with other DevOps tooling such as Packer or Terraform. And it can be used to manage things, nix cannot (as of now) manage that easily, for instance networking hardware such as switches or routers.

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This is a great read. You write practically and approachably. I also journeyed from shell scripts to Ansible (then back to shell scripts, interestingly) and now am finding the NixOS approach attractive. I have a hunch there are a few of us on that path, so your story and examples are quite relatable.

Also, thank you for pointing us to Michael Lynch’s article.

I was surprised just how fast nix builds! After Ansible, that was a pleasant surprise.

I, too, still love Ansible, @APCodes , and will likely keep it in the toolbox for years to come.