Much ado about "nothing"


I wish I was writing this post under better conditions. I’m tired of all of this shit and I’ve lost faith in the community and the foundation’s ability to lead. I have written a lengthy post on my blog that I would like you to read:

I have built up a lot of resources about Nix and NixOS over the years and I was genuinely considering deleting them in the wake of this continuing series of fiascoes. I am not going to do that, but I am also not likely going to be writing any more or presenting at future NixCons.

This post is very raw, unfiltered, and human compared to the way I normally write on my blog.

I hope that any questions you have about my post can be answered by my post before you ask me them. If a question isn’t explicitly answered there, maybe it doesn’t need to be asked.

I hope I was able to help some of you in my own way when I could.

Change the world,
my final message,


Very much like the interpretation in terms of NGE, even if I don’t agree with everything you said. Good article.


Xe, your post about Super Mario 64 and Nix is a classic. Farewell and many thanks!


Thank you. You have made a positive impact on me and are much appreciated.


Oh, I remember your posts on nix! They were great!

I’m sorry this drama has had such an impact on you


Love and respect to you. Sorry to see you depart. I learned a lot from you.


Thank you, Xe, for all the amazing articles you’ve shared with us! I am sure the community will find a way to heal and refocus on the success of the Nix ecosystem.


You will be missed. Your blog is a longtime favorite.

I hope the situation changes and that some day you find your way back here again. Until then, I’ll keep checking in on your adventures on your blog.

Thanks for all the delightful writing.


I didn’t read this because I still haven’t watched Neo Genesis Evangelion. As someone who just got here, sorry to see you go. This is all so strange.


Your blog helped me out immensely when I first started out with NixOS about a year ago. Thank you for helping myself and others and I wish you nothing but the best going forward.


You played a huge part in my Nix journey. Something like a “Gandalf style” part in this journey, actually. Thanks a lot for that !

it really feels like I have created more pain than good by introducing people to this ecosystem in its current form.

I obviously can’t deny the huge pain I feel about the current state of the community, but I’m still in love with “the tech behind Nix or NixOS”, as you call it. And yes, passion and pain are parts of love. So I just wanted to clearly state it:

You did not “created more pain than good” by introducing me to this ecosystem, at least :slight_smile:

take care :heart:


I got to fall in love with nix/nixOS thanks to you, and I’m still happy that nix/nixOS exists. You did great. Thanks for everything.