Multi-user installation failed

Hi, all:

I failed to install NixOS for multi-user installation, with command
sh <(curl -L --no-daemon

got the ERRORS:

---- sudo execution ------------------------------------------------------------
I am executing:

    $ sudo /nix/store/6mjgljq8sm9bsz6k22as5ar3jw78644m-nix-2.8.1/bin/nix-store --load-db

to load data for the first time in to the Nix Database

/tmp/nix-binary-tarball-unpack.fnVVfAmzxE/unpack/nix-2.8.1-x86_64-linux/install-multi-user: line 313: 1293454 Segmentation fault      sudo "$@"

---- oh no! --------------------------------------------------------------------
Jeeze, something went wrong. If you can take all the output and open
an issue, we'd love to fix the problem so nobody else has this issue.


We'd love to help if you need it.

You can open an issue at

Or feel free to contact the team:
 - Matrix:
 - IRC: in #nixos on
 - twitter: @nixos_org
 - forum:

But I successfully installed Single-user installation.

Can anybody give me a hint why it is so?


  1. Nixos doesn’t need that command, it comes with nix in multi user pre installed
  2. That command is for the single user installation
  3. On what operating system are you running into the error?
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