Multiseat X on NixOS

I have an old nvidia card which can run either the legacy nvidia driver or nouveau, and a more modern nvidia card which can use the regular nvidia binary driver.

In the distant past I ran into some issues with multiseat X and different versions of the nvidia binary driver on Gentoo. Having 2 different video drivers loaded at the same time wouldn’t work.

I’m back to a spot where I’d like to run a single computer which serves as a kde desktop with a monitor as well as a htpc running kodi and steam on a tv. I think multiseat X is still the best way to go but if anyone has another idea I’m certainly open to it.

Does anyone know if I can run 2 different video drivers on NixOS? Does anyone have a working multiseat X configuration they could share?


Were you able to get multiseat working?

The way X is these days, you don’t need to put much effort into writing custom x conf files anymore. Much (if not all) of it is auto-configured.

Unfortunately I didn’t end up getting it working. I tried a few things with multiseat but quickly realized with very minimal effort I could get pretty much the same results I wanted with a few window manager rules in KWin.

That is too bad. I got to thinking, there is an open feature request on the SDDM GitHub for multiseat support. This is likely why it would not work for you.

Both LightDM and GDM have currently working automatic multiseat support. You may also find this of some use later on should you decide to give full multiseat another try.