Munich NixOS meetup on the 6th October 2022 (18:30)

After our first meetup in Garching, we will meet on Thursday, 6th October (18:30) in Blockchain Consulting, Arnulfstraße 37 (

More information closer to date.


Looking forward to see some of you there.
The event is the day before munihac starts.
If some nix interested haskellers are around at that time, feel free to join our meetup as well.

More information closer to date.

There is no more information to add other than the meetup will take place as planned.
Feel free to bring your laptops and a projects to hack on. There will also be the possibility to present something.

See you all later. Cheers!

how long will you meet?

We are not sure. If you plan to come later, you can message us in matrix to check if we are still here:

Thank you all for joining. It was amazing! See you next time.

Next meetup planned: NixOS Meetup in Munich (actually Garching) on the 18th November 2022

Hosted by Flying Circus.