My NixOS configuration

Hi all!
I would like to share with the community about my personal NixOS configuration, that can help new people get onboarded to using flakes/ home-manager easier.

I will provide more readmes on github to explain about the structure of the project, how they all fit together and how to build your configuration, depending on the host machine you are using and the user envionment.
Please feel free to suggest a better approach of structuring the config or something else! :slight_smile:

Github link

Just as a side note, I have started using NixOS for about a month, so I’m still in very early learning phase, which might be very advantageous to new users, due to it’s simplicity.


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Pretty decent.

Is it from scratch, or was it influenced by other configurations?

One month seems like a short length of time. It’s more organized than mine and I’ve gradually built that over the past year or so. You must be a fast learner.

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Hey monadam,

The configuration structure was influenced by a wimpysworld and ryan4yin.
The first challenge was to figure out how I can migrate my initial configuration.nix into flakes/home-manager and understand how the new way is working.
I will add these github links at the Acknolwedgment section of the main

As far as learning Nix, flakes and home-manager - I unfortunatelly didn’t bookmark the repo, that immensely helped me learn flake and home-manager in a short amount of time.
I remember that all of his readme file name tutorials started from 01-, also his sentences in that tutorial were very intentionally short for simplicity sake. If you manage to find it I would gladly add it. :slight_smile:

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Nice. I know from experience that it can be difficult to keep track of every source that influenced a particular project I worked on. However, it is somewhat of a convention to cite at least the most significant influences; everybody does it. This will likely add credibility to your project.

Might it be the following?

I wouldn’t consider its sentences to be particularly short; other than that, it seems to fit the bill. :laughing:

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@IliyanKostov I noticed you’re using dependabot. You could add this to have it also update your GitHub actions: :slight_smile:

- package-ecosystem: "github-actions"
  directory: "/"
    # Check for updates to GitHub Actions every week
    interval: "weekly"
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Yep, I totally 100% agree that tracking sources can be quite a challenge, especially when having to keep them up-to-date, every time you find something relatable to your project.
I’m quite new to the open-source community so please excuse my ignorence.

Yes, that’s exactly the guy!
I have added him in my references section at Jumpstart for using flakes && home-manager.
Thanks a lot <3 .

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Hey willbush,

Thanks for the suggestion, <3
I didn’t know that you can do that with dependabot.
I have created another commit to update it’s definiton with your suggestion.

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I generally reserve “ignorant” for people who insist on not listening to feedback. You’re perfectly fine.

I think NixOS configurations are a curious thing. Every NixOS user ends up programming essentially the same thing. But there are many styles and techniques to explore, more than a typical open source project.

I’ve gotten into the habit of slapping everyone’s repo in my “Thanks” section.

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