My nixos not remembering wifi password

my nixos is asking password each time i login .
how can i keep remember my wifi password.
my config :

i ask this question to chagpt

and i was thinking storeing password on /etc/nixos/configuration.nix thats not a good idea…

Not such an issue if you use a secret management module like agenix or sops-nix.

so this is how nix work…?
no other way ?

i was think i will share that config to git each time trying to hide my wifi password…

Personally, I haven’t found the need to embed network configurations in my NixOS configurations because I don’t care to have them setup on first install. Typically, whatever software you use will store those on first use and that has always been sufficient for personal use.

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Agenix encrypts secrets before they are added to git.

i think Agenix is a tool that will encrypt specific part of a file ? like in my case that line is the password… interesting i need to learn about it