My progress with NixOS / Hyprland


I’ve got this very old (~ 20 years) Dell pre-build desktop system. It has 4 GB of DDR2, a Core 2 Duo processor, and a new-old AMD graphics card. It should have been put out for scrap a long time ago.

It is currently running NixOS 23.05, and Hyprland / Wayland. For a weak system, it runs it very well. With NixOS active it has 2.7 GB free, and with Firefox up and running it doesn’t use more than half of the available memory. I changed the default shell to KSH, and so was able to use Powerlevel10K to polish the terminal’s appearance.

The problems that I ran into were:

  • using Dolphin, the file & filter icons didn’t appear
  • using grim, slurp and swappy, I got an error saying that there was a problem with the clipboard - although the program worked OK

The biggest problem was the documentation. NixOS is a minority interest, and Hyprland is a minority interest too, so it is not surprising that there wasn’t much on my Dolphin problem. It appears that there is a configuration problem with QT, where I haven’t set the QT_QPA_something environment variable.