Need freelancer for: Nix Packaging for Machine Learning Dependencies with CUDA

[PAID] Task: Nix Packaging for Machine Learning Dependencies with CUDA


Our app uses poetry2nix for the API, but we need to integrate machine learning dependencies with CUDA into our Nix setup.


  • Package all machine learning dependencies in Nix.
  • Ensure CUDA dependencies are configured and functional.
  • Validate the complete codebase in the Nix environment.


  • Experience with Nix and poetry2nix.
  • Knowledge of machine learning dependencies and CUDA setup in Nix.


  • Fully packaged codebase with working CUDA support.
  • Documentation of the process and configurations.

Can pay per hour or a flat fee.

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I’ve done this before. Feel free to get in touch at CS SYD - Contact

@katandtonic We’ve been bringing Nix to the Cuda ecosystem.

Info here: docs: Questions about maintaining CUDA-related packaging · Issue #217780 · NixOS/nixpkgs · GitHub
And here:

Please drop me a mail at to discuss. Interested in learning more about your app!

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I hadn’t announced this anywhere yet, and there’s plenty of reactions in this thread, but just for the record: I’m on the look-out for projects right now; I have worked with and am interested in developing the CUDA and GPGPU/AI/ML infrastructure in Nixpkgs, and in projects building on such infrastructure. I can be reached at