Need help installing emacs config

I am using my own emacs config in ~/.emacs.d/, which I usually install from a git repo. Now I added it to home-manager, which also installs it as expected.

However, emacs wants to write into that directory (backups, melpa packages etc), but now since it’s maintained with home-manager it is read-only.

Does anyone have an advise how to fix this without re-writing large parts of my emacs config?

Thanks in advance,

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When you create the emacs directory are you specifying ‘recursive=true’? In my experience this will link the files but make the directory writable (for emacs). Like this:

xdg.configFile = {
“emacs” = {
source = builtins.path {
name = “emacs-dir”;
path = ./emacs-init;
recursive = true;

Thank you, but I decided to install it directly, since it’s a repo already. I’ll just put a git clone into the Makefile, which I have there anyway.