Need help packaging gsa

I’m trying to package gsa but I have no experience with nodejs/npm/yarn on NixOS. gsa includes a binary and a web component, using cmake to package both. You can tell cmake to ignore the web component so it will just build the binary by passing “-DSKIP_GSA=ON” as a cmake flag. I was suggested to use this approach and then manually build the web component myself. I was hoping someone with some nodejs experience on NixOS might be able to help me. Here is what I have so far: gsa: init at 8.0.0 · aanderse/nixpkgs@3edfc0a · GitHub and here is the cmake file describing in part how to build the web component: gsa/CMakeLists.txt at 434765b99628b359f12878f9891fb52fa9fd4e04 · greenbone/gsa · GitHub.

I would appreciate help anyone could provide.



Hey there @aanderse were you ever able to package this up successfully? I would love to run the entire greenbone suite on NixOS without resorting to Docker.

Unfortunately I stopped working on this as I didn’t have a hard requirement for it and didn’t know enough about nix at the time to package it in a reasonable amount of time.