Need special build of nightly Julia version

Hi, for debugging purposes I would need to build a nightly version of Julia with a special make debug command.

I tried adapting the latest derivation by source for Julia however it fails to build (was also marked broken). This is a cumbersome process: Building julia until it fails needs about 1.5 hours…

Now I thought it might be easiest to do it by hand in a buildFHSUserEnv… however as I am still rather new I bet my thoughts are a bit messed up and maybe there is a more standard way to do so.
Could anyone give advice about how to proceed here?

I’ve have spent many hours trying to get Julia to build from source on nixos. It’s a rabbit hole. Don’t go down it if you can avoid it. Long story short we got a source build working for version 1.0 but not for 1.6. Building is also extremely slow as Julia effectively has its own custom version of LLVM.

If you are interested in doing a source build I definitely recommend checking out some of the previous PRs and discussions. It would really be awesome to have it working!

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I don’t have the time and energy unfortunately.

Do you know the links to the issues and PRs you are speaking about? That could help also others finding this discussion here.

Some relevant links would be

There may be others but these are a good place to start.

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Building Julia on NixOS is a piece of cake if you allow yourself to use BinaryBuilder rather than try to build everything from source. Just grab my Julia fork with patches for NixOS and rebase it onto the latest Julia master and you should be good to go.