Needing help for getting custom alsa profiles with alsa hints to work

basically from this guide:

I need to modify
stuff in
and /lib/firmware/
and /usr/share/alsa-card-profile/mixer/profile-sets/
the udev bit is fairly easy to replicate on nix
so yeah basically I just need to get the indep_hp=1 alsahint
with that custom alsa-card-profile
I already have a working alsa profile (coming from arch)
so its fairly easy for me to test your fixes
so feal free to throw some hacks on me

also hdajackretask didn’t work
if there is a way just to make those paths not read only or add files declaratively or something
at least a temporary fix

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I want to do this guide:

so all that’s missing now is the ability to pass indep_hp=1 as an alsa-hint (hdajackretask is broken)
and the ability to add the profile itself in /usr/share/alsa-card-profile/mixer/profile-sets/
so yeah if I can’t do that declaratively a temporary fix is much appreciated
also I already have a working profile (I am from arch like switched yesterday)
and yes thanks

Hi, I am the author of that guide and just added some changes hoping that it will be enough to make it work on immutable systems:

  • Alternative to loading the firmware patch using HD-Audio Reconfiguration with sytstemd unit (script is still /usr/local/bin so not sure if that’s okay), maybe it could also work with a user unit/script but it has to run before wireplumber
  • Use /etc/alsa-card-profile for mixer and profiles
  • Use /etc/udev/rules.d for the udev rule
  • Use /etc/asound.conf to store the Independent HP toggle