Needing help understanding the wiki to install hyprland using the Flakes with Home Manager method

I’m trying to install hyprland but the info in the wiki doesnt fully explain things in regards to the plugin section. I get that it’s an example but im getting a message saying inputs is an undefined variable … anyone have some advice on how to understand the wiki article and setting up the plugins? flake.nix( and home.nix ( and configuration.nix(
The error message im seeing

       … while evaluating flake attribute 'wayland'

         at /nix/store/cf5q3rhf47h5j6wv0jfx9953lawczc8b-source/flake.nix:23:1:

           22| inputs.nixpkgs.follows = "nixpkgs";
           23| wayland.windowManager.hyprland = {
             | ^
           24|     plugins = [

       error: flake input attribute 'wayland' is a thunk while a string, Boolean, or integer is expected

You can not set options in the inputs section, you have to do that in your HM config. Though instead of using the HL modules from the HL flake, I suggest to use the HM and system options as provided by HM and NixOS. The HL input is only required if you want to use nightly builds, and in that case I’d suggest to make it still work with regular modules first, then move forward from that. Doing regular commits.